Many visitors to the area come to enjoy the wide range of raptors and mammals that are more easily seen in their native habitat on the Peninsula than in other parts of the country. 

We cannot promise the close encounters with wild animals that you experience on your television but with patience and good eyesight (or binoculars) you will be able to see both Golden and Sea Eagles, Buzzards and other raptors can also be seen most days with bats and owls often seen during the summers' long evenings.

You are certain to see Red Deer, particularly in the morning and evening. In summer the spotted calves accompany their mother’s on their nocturnal visits to enjoy richer grazing in the fields.

In autumn stags roar their challenge across the hills and can be heard just by stepping outdoors.  You are also likely to see Fallow and Roe Deer, Foxes, Pine Martin and Badgers foraging in the woods and on the hillsides – with luck you may even catch a glimpse of a Wildcat.

The waters surrounding the Peninsula offer you the chance to see Otters along the coastline, Common and Grey Seals, Dolphins, Basking Sharks and Minke Whales.

Map of Ardnamurchan

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