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Ardnamurchan Estates manage some 10,000 hectares of wild, rugged and spectacular ground on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula, much of which has limited value in an agricultural sense. The land has been managed for generations; much less intensively now than in the past when the Peninsula supported many thousands of people scratching a living from the wet rocky soils and surrounding seas.

The Estates now run 2,500 breeding Blackface ewes and 300 Blue-Grey suckler cows with their lambs and calves enjoying their summer and autumn down here on Ardnamurchan before moving to our farm on the Black Isle near Inverness. Our livestock are used to walkers sharing the hillsides but please be aware of cows and their calves and give them a wide berth – especially if you have a dog with you.

Our only crop on the Estates is grass which we bale into either silage or hay during the summer; please do not climb on the silage bales as the damage caused to the wrapping can result in the silage rotting before it is needed as winter fodder for the cattle.

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